Ziyavudin Magomedov is one of Russia’s largest charitable donors.

Over nearly two decades, he has given financial assistance worth more than $300 million to a wide range of good causes in the areas of culture and heritage, education and scientific research, sports and social affairs.

In 2012, Mr Magomedov established the PERI Foundation, with a particular focus on education, heritage, and conservation projects.

Some of these causes have involved well-known projects in Russia.

He famously helped to finance the restoration of the Bolshoi Theatre, which reopened in 2011, and the reconstruction of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral. Mr Magomedov also provided substantial sums in furtherance of higher education, including for the European University at St Petersburg, and funded various important projects of historical interest, including a project to digitise thousands of historical Jewish books and manuscripts held by the Russian State Library.

A long-term advocate for his home region of Dagestan, Mr Magomedov has supported numerous projects there, funding a range of organisations and activities including orphanages, schools, museums, and social relief. As part of this, Mr Magomedov launched the local business incubator PERI Innovation in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, which ran an extensive series of educational programs for students and young professionals.

Mr Magomedov is also a passionate supporter of Dagestan’s unique cultural heritage. He sponsored the restoration of the House of Peter the Great in Derbent, and the reconstruction of a Museum of Fine Arts in the region. Mr Magomedov also funded an exhibition in the Hermitage Museum about ancient gravestones in Qala-Quraysh, an important site in Dagestan and of great importance in the history of Islam in the region. He financed the creation of a unified digital archive of ancient manuscripts in Dagestan, in partnership with the Russian Academy of Sciences, and also led a digitalization project in conjunction with the V&A museum in London.

He will continue to be deeply involved in the renaissance and revival of his ancient native land – via the restoration of historical cultural heritage, by sponsoring education and talent, through venture philanthropy, and by supporting social institutions and the green transition.

A long-time sports enthusiast, Mr Magomedov has provided sponsorship for numerous sports including tennis, hockey, MMA and chess.

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